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How To Save The Date

By Krysten Lewis

More and more, couples today are using save-the-dates to notify their guests about their upcoming nuptials. In a world that seems to be speeding up by the minute, letting guests know of the planned wedding date well in advance can provide ample opportunity to make accommodations in anticipation of the big day. A good rule of thumb for when to send out save-the-dates is six months prior to the wedding. Additionally, there are five important things to include when creating the notification:

  1. Put your name on the card. The most common save the dates these days involve a picture of the bride and groom. Of course, your friends will know who you are by looking at the picture. However, other guests (your parent’s friends, for example) might not recognize you just from a picture. Therefore, add your name to the save-the-date so all guests will know whose wedding to expect.
  2. Put the wedding date on the card in print form. Sounds silly, right? But with the latest trend being to create a cute picture that incorporates the wedding date into the image, some guests might not study the picture close enough and end up missing the date. Most guests will probably still notice the cute idea you came up with, but just to spare anyone any con1fusion, be sure to include the date in a written or printed form.
  3. Include the location. While the wedding party and family already know the location and are able to plan accordingly, make sure that your guests know if they will need to plot out hotel accommodations or transportation by including the location of the wedding (this is especially important if planning a destination wedding!)
  4. Specify that formal invitations will follow. Be sure to include “Formal Invitation to Follow” somewhere on the save-the-date to avoid guests mistaking the save-the-date for the more formal invitation to the wedding (which might include important times, reception location, required attire, etc.).
  5. Add your wedding website (if you have one)Not everyone creates a wedding website for their wedding, so this detail might be optional. However, a wedding website usually includes information abut the bride and groom, where the wedding ceremony and reception will take place, and at what retail locations the couple are registered. If you have chosen to create a wedding website, be sure to also include it as a part of your save-the-date as a way of sharing additional information about the wedding with your guests.


Since save-the-dates are a relatively new wedding tradition, there is no formal way of choosing how they will look. Some choose to create a postcard while others go with a magnet or video. Plain Jane Designs says that as long as you have included these five important pieces of information listed above, feel free to make the save-the-date look however you want! Most Couples seem to incorporate the color scheme or them of their wedding into their look of the save-the-date, however the decision is entirely up to you. Whichever way you choose to do your save-the-date, tailor it to your personality. It is your special day; do what makes you happy!