Memorial Day Wedding at the Botanical Gardens

By Nancy Kuperberg

The No Regrets Team is thrilled to show you a sneak peak of Ashleigh and Taylor’s wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on Memorial Day Weekend. The Gardens were so colorful this time of year, and created an atmosphere that was truly one of a kind. After the ceremony, we strolled over to American Spirit Works for cocktail hour, and then later the reception. This venue was the perfect space for what Ashleigh and Taylor had envisioned for their wedding. We were thrilled to be able to work with such an amazing couple and are even more excited to show everyone how this day turned out. It truly was a memorial day for everyone involved. Stay tuned for more pictures from this day.

We want to say a special thanks to all of the vendors who helped make this day so special. Ceremony: Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Reception: The Stave Room at American Spirit Works, Hair and Makeup: Raney O’Keefe, Harpist: Carrie Scruggs, Bagpiper: Don McCook, Ceremony Music: Lethal Rhythms, Catering: Endive Catering, Baker: Cotton Bug Bakery, Videography: Jonathan and Kaye, Photography: The Decisive Moment, Florals: Forage and Fleur, Stationary: Paper Daisies, Entertainment: Musical Fantasy, Rentals: Unique Event ElementsPeachtree Tents and Events, Transportation: Atlantic Limousine, Travel and Accommodation: Loews Hotel Atlanta

Beautiful Summer Wedding at Serenata Farm

By Nancy Kuperberg


The No Regrets Team had the pleasure of working with Beth and Brady Young to create a picturesque wedding at the beautiful Serenata Farm right outside of Madison, GA. Even though it was a warm, and I mean very warm, Summer day, the venue could not have been more perfect, with a shaded back yard for the reception overlooking acres of pastures and farmland. We are thrilled to share a few of the photos from the day captured by the very talented Concept Photography. Beth and Brady were so great to work with, and their vision for this wedding was transformed into a day that will not be forgotten.

Thank you to all of our vendors who helped make this day so special! Venue:Serenata Farm, Baker: Cake Designs by Deborah, Catering: Sun In My Belly, Cinema: AWC Films, Reception Entertainment: Emerald Empire Band, Beauty: Raney O’Keefe, Floral Décor: Jackson Durham Events and Floral Design, Photography: Concept Photography , Rentals and Decor: Goodwin Event Rentals, Transportation: Lakeside TransportationAtlantic Limousine and Transportation, and Lloyd Young.



We Are Hiring: Wedding & Event Interns

By Nancy Kuperberg

No Regrets Events is a boutique wedding consulting and design firm that specializes in creating one of a kind events for our clients. We are seeking Weddings & Events Interns for the 2016 wedding season to work with our team of wedding planners.  Our intern opportunity is focused on providing hands-on events experience in the wedding and events industry, so we are seeking individuals who display a serious commitment to this field. It is our goal to train and mentor our interns to so that they can transition into positions within the wedding industry or other hospitality/service positions.


  • Enrolled in an accredited college or university
  • Possess a high level of interest in the event and wedding planning industry
  • Have experience with social media
  • Pay close attention to detail
  • Adhere to hard deadlines
  • Located within 55 mile commute of our Atlanta, GA and Madison, GA studios
  • Have great customer service and organizational skills
  • Show initiative and ability to work independently
  • Comfortable with e-mail, phone and in-person communication
  • Willing to collaborate with other creatives
  • Able to work in a fast pace environment

Interns will be able to work as a vital part of the No Regrets Events team by providing support to the events team. As part of the No Regrets Events team work experiences will range from gaining industry knowledge, to managing daily tasks, and last, but not least, assisting on site with planned events for our valued clients. As no task is too great or small, attitude will be important.

Working side by side with the No Regrets Events team, this intern will attend perspective client meetings, assist with client / project management and timelines, help with creating a marketing strategic plan, blog posting and submitting materials for both online and print publications, and attendance to exclusive networking events.

The internship position is unpaid but,academic credits may be available. Please e-mail with subject line WEDDING + EVENT INTERN with cover letter and resume.  Please also let us know what date you would be available to begin.


Fall Wedding at Old Edwards Inn

By Nancy Kuperberg

The No Regrets Events team gets to work in some beautiful locations, at great venues and with amazing vendors! One of our favorite fall wedding locations is Highlands, North Carolina.  In October the leaves are beautiful, the temperature is perfect and the views, oh the views! We are so excited to share the following photographs from Sara & Logan Weddings of Sara and Justin’s marriage celebration at Old Edwards Inn.  We had a blast working with Sara and Justin as they planned every detail of the day. Their vision for the wedding weekend was clear and we worked closely with the couple to find the best vendors to make it all happen. When the wedding weekend arrived Sara was probably one of the most calm brides we have ever worked with and it truly shines through in this photos.

Thank you to all the talented vendors that made this day perfect! Venue & Catering: Old Edwards Inn, Baker: Icing On The Cake, Catering: Mountain Fresh Market, Ceremony Musician: Brandon Reeves Music, Cinema: Peerless Films, Reception Entertainment: ATG Entertainment, Floral Decor: Floressence Floral Design, Photography: Sara & Logan Weddings, Linens: Party Tables, Stationary: Minted, Officiant: Reverend Dr. John Erbelding

Beautiful Spring Wedding at Blackberry Farm

By Nancy Kuperberg

The No Regrets Events team is so excited to share the following photographs by A Bryan Photography out of Birmingham with you.  Growing up, Katie’s family spent many holidays and summers visiting Blackberry Farm. It was so much fun touring the property with Katie and hearing about the great times she and her sisters had.  She and Win chose Blackberry Farm because they wanted to share this unique place with their friends and family and create new memories. What an amazing weekend of festivities . We are so proud to have been a part of it all.  Rather than continuing to go on and on about Blackberry Farm and this beautiful couple we will let the photographs do the talking!

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Venue: Blackberry Farm

Photography: A Bryan Photo

Floral: Blackberry Farm

Catering:  Blackberry Farm

Ceremony Musicians: Special Notes Strings – Knoxville

Special Ceremony Music: The Georgia Boy Choir

Reception Entertainment: Atlanta Groove Factory

Paper Goods: Paces Papers

Wedding Gown: Joan Pillow designer Anna Maier

Bridesmaids Dresses: Joanna August

Groom’s Attire: Miller Brothers Private Label

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Schaumbug and Claire Balest

The Last Half of the Wedding Checklist: What To Do One Month Before the Big Day

By Krysten Lewis

Many couples believe that once everything is booked and the decor selected, then they are done with the major tasks for the wedding; that it is all smooth sailing from here on out! However, there are still many important items left on the checklist to consider in the month leading up to the wedding. For instance:

  • The Marriage License: Most marriage licenses are only good for a short period of time. So, be sure to obtain it in the month leading up to your wedding for the officiant to sign.
  • The Vendors: Be sure to meet with any and all vendors to finalize key items such as the menu, song mr-mrsselections for the first dance or father-daughter/mother-son dances, photo-ops you would like your photographer to capture, and the time that each vendor is expected to arrive at the venue.
  • The Trial Run of Hair and Makeup: This is always a good idea so as to avoid any hiccups on the day of the wedding, to make sure that you like the look, and to identify any makeup allergies ahead of time.
  • The Head Count: You might have already given the caterer an estimate of the number of people you were expecting to attend. However, be sure to provide them with an exact number during the month before the wedding so that they can prepare accordingly, leaving your guests with enough food and you with an appropriate bill.
  • The Directions: You may have already included directions or a venue address for your guests. However, be sure to also send this information to the vendors so that they know where to go on the day of the wedding (this includes any limousine services). It may be wise to have accurate step-by-step directions from the internet on hand should a driver or vendor have their GPS unit fail and call you for directions.

While these are some of the main big items left to cover, there are also many smaller things to consider like gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, pens for the guest book, welcome gifts for the out of town guests, etc. Because this can all be very stressful, having a wedding planner can come in handy. Instead of worrying or stressing over last minute tasks, have someone else worry about it for you. The wedding planner will be there to help you avoid forgetting anything or anyone and to assist in juggling the last-minute to-dos provided by the vendors. Think of them as your fairy godmother(s) come to the rescue!

Who should say “I Do” to paying for the Wedding?

By Krysten Lewis

One major problem couples encounter when budgeting a wedding is figuring out which side is responsible for paying for which parts of the event. Traditionally, there are rules as to what the bride’s family is responsible for and what the groom’s family is responsible for. For example:

Bride’s family

  • Ceremony venueTF7HE6xrpZ6ZXPTom5KURv4QUZwsUGq9PDLaom_EDnc,J3-kDopTp9XbG3kt1U35NFOYEK15kMh2u26e8fMNb-0
  • Bride’s dress
  • Flowers for the ceremony and church
  • Bouquets for bridesmaids
  • Photography and video
  • Reception (Food and Decor)
  • Band/DJ
  • Stationery (invitations, announcements, programs)
  • Transportation

Groom’s family

  • Marriage license
  • Officiant fee
  • Groom’s tux
  • Bride’s Bouquet, Boutonnieres for the men, and Corsages for mothers and grandmothers
  • The Honeymoon
  • Rehearsal dinner

With that being said, some couples are going for a more modern approach, either paying for the wedding on their own (assuming they have the means to fund it) or allowing family members to contribute what they would like to the wedding. A good strategy for having this talk with the respective families is to simply piece out the wedding budget and to let the individual parties choose which aspects they feel they would best be able to cover. Rather than take the approach of assigning the traditional wedding aspects to the bride and grooms’ families, respectively, instead sit and figure out how much each part of the wedding will cost and then allow the family members to decide on what they want to pay for. By doing so, it can give the two sides a chance to communicate and to go into the wedding without the feeling that one side has had to foot an unfair amount of the bill.

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